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Abe Price

Born:  January 9, 1923
From: Kielce, Poland
Ghetto resident, slave laborer, multiple camps survivor

Abe was the youngest of five children.  In 1941, when he was sixteen years old, the Germans marched into Poland.  Abe’s family was forced out of their home and sent to a one-bedroom apartment in the Jewish Ghetto. Abe worked in a quarry as a slave laborer with no pay and without much food except for a bowl of soup in the evening.

 “The Germans set up the ghetto in the dirtiest slum of the city, and people were both hungry and sick.  My brother and I both suffered with Typhus.”

Abe recalled that the Germans always seemed to inflict more cruelty than usual on Jewish holidays.  During Purim, in 1943, he recalled the Nazis marching families to the Jewish cemetery and killing them there.

Abe lived in three concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Birkenau, where he performed hard labor. Following the war, he came to the United States in 1951 with the help of his wife’s relatives. 

In all, Abe lost over 200 relatives during the war. Only Abe and two of his brothers survived.


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